Citizen alert system

The Municipality of Shigawake has an automated alert system to inform citizens, within a short time, of emergency situations or major obstacles in its territory.

What types of emergencies can be communicated to you?

  • Road closure notice
  • Major power outage
  • Notice of containment or evacuation
  • Spill or leak of a product posing a risk to your health
  • Flood
  • Any other major disaster or incident relating to civil security

How to register for the Citizen Alert System?

In order to receive messages, simply register for the Citizen Alert System available on the Municipality’s website.

Register by clicking on the registration button. You will be able to choose the way you wish to receive the messages: telephone, text message (SMS) or email.
It is best to use other browsers than Explorer to fill out your form. Prefer Chrome, Firefox or other.

To make changes to your profile, you must have previously filled out the form (this will not work if you are simply automatically registered with the data from Canada411). By clicking on the registration button, you will have access to a link at the top of the form which will ask for your email address. You will then receive a message with a link allowing you to modify your profile. It may take a few minutes or hours before you receive the message.

How does the service work?

For telephone alerts, if there is no response or if the line is busy, the system is programmed to call twice. If you have an answering machine, the system will leave a message. If you have a display, it will indicate that you have received a call from the Municipality.

For text message alerts, the message sending number will not be that of the Municipality, but the message will tell you that it comes from the Municipality of Shigawake. For email alerts, these will come from

At any time you can decide to unsubscribe from alerts and deactivate your account by going to the Citizen alert button on our website or by contacting us by phone.